From first property to financial independence

9 months

content creation, brand storytelling, user research, SEO, public relations, email marketing, affiliate marketing

The Challenge

Create a content roadmap to scale a SaaS startup to Series A funding and beyond.

Airbnb has created more entrepreneurs than any other online marketplace, putting financial freedom within reach of anyone with a spare bedroom.

But in a competitive space, scaling a short-term rental side-gig into a six-figure income has become difficult without professional tools and guidance. That's why Futurestay has set out to connect ‘rentalpreneurs’ with technology that makes it easy to go from first property to financial freedom. The all-in-one short-term rental management platform automates the manual processes and helps managers boost occupancy and earn more money. 

When Listen Up Creative started working with Futurestay in early 2021, the company was preparing for a period of rapid growth. Before embarking on its Series A funding effort, Futurestay needed to clarify its message and create content that would resonate with the rentalpreneurs of the world.

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increase in organic traffic

$ million

in Series A funding


published in Ultimate Roadmap


increase in monthly account creations

Build trust to boost conversions.

Trusting a software to run your short-term rental business can be scary. Futurestay users are asked to authorize access to their listings on other platforms and provide bank information for payouts. 

With support from Futurestay's customer success team, we collected testimonials from the platform's most successful and most satisfied users.

Every interview with a Futurestay host provided valuable and authentic content that could be repurposed across all channels. 

Leverage partnerships to cross-promote to overlapping audiences.

The smart technology market is growing just as fast as the short-term rental industry, and Futurestay helps its users save even more time by integrating many of the top services directly into the platform.

Futurestay's partners include AirDNA, the most-trusted smart pricing tool, and a noise monitoring system from NoiseAware, in addition to major platforms like Airbnb, Google Vacation Rentals, and Vrbo.

A partnership marketing strategy including joint webinars, guest blog posts, reciprocal landing pages among other initiatives yielded a high conversion rate for new users.

Form a connection using a brand story. 

There are dozens of short-term rental management tools available, but Futurestay's founders dreamed of being different. 

Establish authority and add value.

Futurestay aims to be a source of knowledge and a friendly guide to independent short-term rental managers. By creating content and actively advocating within the industry, Futurestay positioned itself as respected thought leader.

Futurestay sponsored a first-of-its-kind survey of more than 4,500 short-term rental operators, allowing us to use the results as high-value marketing content. 

We also published a 15,000+ word guide that covers everything a short-term rental owner needs to know before listing their property. The content, paired with regular blogs, drove a significant increase in organic traffic.

Learn from your users and speak their language.

Fortunately, the short-term rental community is large and active. We joined Facebook groups with thousands of short-term rental managers and followed forums on reddit and other sites to learn more about Futurestay's target audience.