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The Best Corporate Gifts And When To Use Them

Do you feel compelled to respond to every spam email and cold email you receive? Probably not. 

Receiving a gift of tangible value -- whether physically or via a digital gift card -- is a different story. It all comes down to science: When you receive a gift, you feel a psychological need to reciprocate.

Savvy B2B sales professionals are using that psychological response to their advantage by sending gifts to meet sales goals. From scheduling that first meeting to celebrating a contract renewal, corporate gifts are a proven way to move customers through the sales process.

However, if it’s not done with care, corporate gifts can also feel tacky and unmemorable.

As studies of corporate gifting have found, it’s not just what you send as a gift that matters. The timing, delivery and message will determine whether you’re ignored or whether you make the sale.

Trying to navigate all those factors to make sure your gift is well-received can sound overwhelming to sales representatives who are already working overtime finding new leads, generating quotes and performing back-to-back demos on Zoom. Bluebird can help.

Bluebird is a platform that uses smart integrations to send automated notecards, personalized gifts and digital gift cards to prospects, customers and other team members. The software seamlessly syncs with popular sales tools like HubSpot, Salesforce and Gmail and weaves into the sales funnel. 

The Bluebird system has tripled response rates and resulted in a 400 percent increase in sales leads accepted for some of the leading companies who trust the automation.

From digital Starbucks cards that are refunded if they’re not redeemed to branded apparel and tech gadgets, Bluebird manages both the automation and the distribution of corporate gifts.

Corporate Gifting without the Corporate Hassle

It is clear that a corporate gifting campaign can help you land a contract. But is it worth the time?

Corporate gifting used to require teams to identify prospects, browse Amazon for a gift, request permission to use the company card, try to track down the right address for the prospect, follow-up to make sure the gift was received, and then track all of that in the company CRM. Although those kinds of campaigns can yield results, they don’t last long because they’re too labor-intensive. 

Bluebird offers the advantages of personalized corporate gift campaigns, but eliminates all of the hassle with automation and expansive distribution and supply networks.

Now, a company can grant each sales representative a pre-authorized budget for gifts. Using data and analytics from your existing tech stack, Bluebird can automatically send an email to a list of contacts with a digital gift card to Starbucks included. All the interactions are recorded in your CRM for you, and you’ll receive a refund on the gift card if it’s not redeemed. 

Although a handwritten note can never be truly automated, it can at least be taken off your plate. Bluebird packages a handwritten note with every delivery so that your gift will stand out from the crowd and land you a sale.

The Right Gift for the Right Time

Although corporate gifts play an important role in business relationships at all levels, the first one is arguably the most important. 

With the average professional receiving more than 100 emails every day, how do you cut through that noise? Intelligent gifting. 

Smart and personalized giving is the secret sauce for booking that first meeting, making sure they actually show up, finalizing the deal and welcoming your new customer on board.

Corporate gifts can make help build your relationship at any step in the sales funnel, and Bluebird will show you how. 

Corporate Gifts for Scheduling Meetings

Rejection hurts. Even if your email does land in the primary inbox or your call isn’t sent straight to voicemail, there’s always a very real possibility that the answer to a meeting will be: “No.” 

But you’re not above bribery — at least not at this stage in the relationship.

Offering a small gift does two things:

  • It shows that you mean business. Offering something of value can help you build trust with a client or organization.
  • It recognizes that their time is valuable. Many people are stretched thin in the workplace and are fiercely protective of their time. Offering to compensate a potential customer with a cup of coffee or another small gift will make them feel more generous with their schedule.

Bluebird’s digital gift cards are an affordable way to entice leads to book a meeting. But don’t shy away from big gestures if you’re confident they’ll pay off. 

Amazon gift card

It’s easy to ignore a sales email. The message may seem personal and friendly enough, but you just know that it’s a mailmerge being sent to hundreds of other prospects who match the criteria.

But what if an Amazon gift card is attached to that email? There’s no way that company can afford to send Amazon gift cards to hundreds or thousands of cold leads — or is there? 

With Bluebird’s Bulk Engagement feature, you can upload a CSV file with your contacts and digital gift card links will be generated automatically. Any gift cards that aren’t redeemed are refunded to your account.

Yeti coffee mug

In the midst of a global pandemic, people are not so keen on meeting up with strangers in coffee shops. Instead, mail your hottest leads a nice Yeti coffee mug with a personalized note asking them to join you for a virtual cup of coffee. 

A Cameo message from a celebrity

Your invitation to lunch may be easy enough to turn down, but no one turns down Chuck Norris or Brett Farve. While Bluebird’s platform capitalizes on the power of automation, sometimes one-time gifts are worth the extra effort. For a unique and unforgettable meeting invitation, pay for a celebrity to make introductions on your behalf. Browse the available celebrities on, craft the perfect message and wait for the meeting to be accepted on your calendar.

Business book

Find a popular business book that demonstrates the value of your product (the key word here is “popular” — not a self-published Kindle book that only has 10 downloads) and send it to people who might be interested in learning more. Even if they turn down your initial meeting request, they might change their mind when they finally make time to read that book that’s been sitting on their desk for the past month.‍

Corporate Gifts to Reinforce Scheduled Meetings

That account manager you’re trying to woo is busy. So busy, in fact, that they will likely begin purging unnecessary meetings off their calendar. 

“Sorry, a big project came up and I’ll need to cancel. Can we reconnect when I have my head above water again?”

Translation? “It was a good try, but you’ll probably never hear from me again.”

Avoid being ghosted by sending a Meeting Reinforcer. These gifts serve as friendly reminders that you are offering something of value in exchange for their time. It is a lot harder to cancel a meeting at the last minute when you know your meal has already been paid for (psst… your client doesn’t need to know that your gift card is auto-refunded by Bluebird if it’s not redeemed). 

Create an integration with your calendar to send gifts to your new client meetings, and Bluebird will make sure you’re never stood up again.

A leather-bound notebook

Landed a meeting with a potential partner? Pair this with a meeting reminder and a personal message reading: “Take notes, because we’re going to make big things happen for both of us.” A quality notebook has lasting impact — anytime they grab for something to jot down an idea, they’ll think of you and your thoughtfulness.

Meal delivery

Virtual meetings have become more common through the COVID-19 pandemic, but what is still unexpected: A meal delivered for your next meeting. Check what meal delivery services are available in your client’s area and send them credit to order a lunch of their choice from Uber Eats or DoorDash. 

Assortment of organic coffees and teas

Give your potential client a break from the lukewarm breakroom coffee and offer them a taste of doing business with you. Use Bluebird to automatically send your gift the week of your meeting with a handwritten reminder of the appointment.

(Bonus points for this one if you sent a coffee mug to schedule the meeting. Your consistency will pay off.)

Corporate Gifts That Accelerate Deals

The waiting game is hard — unless you know how to play it right.

You made the cold call, landed a meeting and thought you sealed the deal… but suddenly it’s crickets.

In this case, no news is not good news. Rather than sending that generic “wanted to check if you had any questions about the contract” email, try a thoughtful gift with a personalized note. Bluebird can automatically add a task in your CRM a few days after you send a proposal to a new lead. If you’re worried that your gift will come off as a bribe, try framing the handwritten note that accompanies it as a token of appreciation for their consideration.

These gifts can put a smile on a customer’s face and a signature on that contract. Baked goods can win over anyone with a sweet tooth, or you can base your gift on your client’s industry.


Cookies are for closers. Remember that, and your deal won’t crumble. Send a box of sweets with a handwritten note and you just might trigger a Pavlovian response: When your client thinks of your company, their mouth will start watering and they’ll be scrambling for more. Bluebird partners with local businesses that offer edible goods so your gift feels even more authentic.

Portable charging bank

Everyone dreads a dead phone battery in the middle of a busy day on the go. Give your business agreement a boost with a portable charger. Let your potential client know how much your meeting energized you, or let them know that you’re always standing by when they feel like they’re running on empty.

Terrarium or succulent

Plants are often safe gifts to accelerate a contract because they’re modest and not-too-personal. Paired with a note about how you look forward to seeing how your relationship grows, a terrarium or succulent planter is a great way to stay at the top of their mind.

Lotion or bath set

If you are hoping to win over someone who works on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, a nice set of lotions and soaps with mild scents would be appreciated to reverse the effects of all the hand sanitizer. Your handwritten note can thank them for considering your proposal and for playing an essential role in the pandemic.

Recycled tote bag

If you’re courting a green company, show them you appreciate and respect their dedication to preserving the environment by sending a recycled cotton tote bag. They’ll appreciate the attention you paid to their mission so much that you can consider this deal in the bag.

Blue light glasses

If you work in the SaaS industry, blue-light blocking glasses can be a thoughtful way to accelerate a deal. If they’re interested in your product, they’re obviously spending some time on a computer screen. Show them you care by giving their eyes some relief from the screen. 

Corporate Gifts That Are Great for Onboarding

Buyer’s remorse happens in business relationships. A customer who was so excited to work with you suddenly wants out. Knowing that buyer’s remorse typically strikes in the first few days after a new contract, companies can prevent it from ever creeping in by offering reassurance.

By sending a gift and handwritten note when you onboard a new company or client, you are acknowledging that the client has put trust in you to deliver on your promises. They’ll feel more comfortable in their decision to work with you when they receive your package in the mail with a personal note. Even better, they’ll feel like part of your team if they’re gifted an item with your logo. 

A durable backpack or laptop bag

Send a notecard to your new partner or employee that you appreciate how much they will be bringing to the team, and that you’ve sent a bag for them to store it all. They will proudly sport your logo on their new bag when they feel appreciated and welcomed onboard.

A pair of branded socks

Onboarding is the perfect time to add your logo to a gift. Now that they’re part of your team, the gift won’t feel like a piece of free advertising. Show your new client what a great pair you’ll make by sending them socks from your Bluebird onboarding box. 

Branded headphones

Tell your newest client that you can’t wait to listen to what they have to say by sending them a set of high-quality branded headphones. They will be put to good use during all those Zoom meetings over the course of your relationship.

A donation to charity

Not every onboarding gift must be branded. You can also welcome someone on board with a thoughtful gesture like a donation to their favorite nonprofit. (Tip: Many charities will send a letter or email about the gift on your behalf.) Pair it with a handwritten note about how you’re so grateful to have them on board that you wanted to share some of your appreciation with a good cause.

Portable speaker

Your new business partnership is going to rock. A portable Bluetooth speaker with your brand engraved will communicate your excitement.

Corporate Gifts to Help with Renewals and Upsells

Don’t stop sending thoughtful and personalized corporate gifts just because you already landed the deal. Show your most loyal partners, clients and vendors how much you appreciate them with a well-timed corporate gift. 

Use Bluebird’s intelligent integrations to automate annual gifting. Most corporate gifting happens during the holiday season, but gifts automated to send on important anniversaries are much more memorable. 

Show your client you remember them on an important date (a birthday, a company anniversary, or one of those silly national holidays), and they’ll be more likely to remember you when it’s time to sign a new contract.

Champagne gift basket

Take time to celebrate with your client. After you hit a big milestone together, send a bottle of premium champagne and flutes to say “cheers” to your continued relationship.


Especially this year, clients and their account representatives have navigated huge hurdles and it has required nearly everyone to change the way they work. People appreciate corporate gifts that are practical, but they’ll especially appreciate the message the umbrella sends: “We’ve weathered this storm together.”

Desk calendar

Just before the New Year, send an elegant desk calendar to your client to let them know how excited you are about the things to come in the next year. Not only is a calendar practical (which is always appreciated in a gift), the passing days and months will remind your client of your long history together. 

Fitbit or activity tracker

If your new client is particularly athletic or active, convince them you’ll go the extra mile for them by sending an activity tracker. That big gesture might be exactly what they needed to go with your premium package. 

Spa treatment

Work can be stressful. If you’ve navigated through a particularly chaotic or challenging time with a client or employee, treat them with a gift certificate for a massage or an at-home zen kit. By acknowledging their mental health needs, you’re showing that you care about them on a personal level on top of your professional relationship. That’s not something easy to forget. 

Don’t forget to personalize your corporate gift

Whether you send a cup of coffee or an expensive bottle of champagne, your message won’t be as powerful without a handwritten note to accompany it.

The ink on paper tells a client you appreciate their relationship and their business enough to go beyond the quick email or phone call.  

If you’re already swamped trying to deliver the products and services you promised, how can you possibly keep track of the cards and gifts that need to be sent throughout the year? You leave it to Bluebird.

A happy team of people with great penmanship craft a beautiful handwritten message based on the information you provide in the notes of your order. Bluebird has already generated more than 2 million handwritten characters and saved more than 2,500 hours by marketing and fulfillment reps. 

Find out how Bluebird can help you set and forget your corporate gifting to land more sales in less time.

May 19, 2021